Treat Her Right Campaign

In celebration of Mother’s Day, EMY Africa Awards presents the “Treat Her Right” campaign in partnership with UNFPA and Lucozade. The “Treat Her Right” project is a gender intervention initiative by EMY Africa Awards that calls society, particularly men, to order in matters concerning the security and welfare of women. It is a call to all men to become allies in the work towards gender equality.

Women, our mothers; they harbour us in the safety of the womb till it is safe to venture out. And nestled in the innermost parts of their being, they gift us the sound of music; the lub dub. The song their hearts sing become life’s music to us. And to it, we dance the dance of life.

That is why we have chosen dance to portray this campaign, in a bid to capture the beauty, strength and exquisite intricacy of womanhood as well as the gratitude and veneration owed her.

When we dance, we bond, we mirror each other and learn to trust. The video portrays an enthralling dance between a man and a woman, and captures the substance of how a man is supposed to treat a woman. When he holds her, he says I will protect and not break you. When he lets her twirl away, he says I will give you peace and room to grow and not suffocate you. Leaning in, he says I will be here when you need me, I will play my part. And she can dip because she knows he will catch her, and break her fall.

Life’s dance is flawless when he nurtures and supports her. We are aware that our society needs to treat women better. So, we start here. We encourage men to respect and protect women, the same way they nurtured and protected with their wombs and their hearts.

This is our gift to all women.

#Treat Her Right

The 6th EMY Africa Awards

The 6th EMY Africa Awards

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